DRAMAtical Murder re:connect English patch released

The Aarinfantasy team responsible for the DRAMAtical Murder English translation has released an English patch for its fan disk, DRAMAtical Murder re:connect. The team finished after about six months of work, with the release briefly crashing Aarinfantasy’s forums due to heavy downloading. In the first three days after release, the patch had been downloaded around 7000 times from…


Rose Guns Days Season 2 patch released

The Witch Hunt translation group recently released a full translation patch for Rose Guns Days, Season 2. It doesn’t come with an installer (yet), and doesn’t require a Japanese locale to play. As the second installment in 07th Expansion’s four-part series, Season 2 focuses on characters in a primarily Chinese quarter of an alternate-history Japan…

Toradora! - 04 - Large 10

Toradora Portable fully translated, releasing soon

The two-man team translating Toradora Portable recently announced that the translation of the game is now fully complete, and the patch is to be released soon. The team has announced very little additional info, but they are shooting to release the translation on October 26th, 2013. The release will be a patch to be applied…


Open source release – the VNTLS’ 4chan scraper

After a little additional work and documentation, I’ve released the VNTLS’ heuristic /jp/ thread scraper as an open source Python project on Bitbucket under an MIT License. Feel free to fork the project, make pull requests, and contribute to the visual novel community with some free software.

Now Recruiting News Staff

After zalas’ resignation from encubed, the visual novel community finds itself without one of its core members. From reporting on conventions to on the odd spot of translation project drama, zalas and encubed have been known for reliable reporting since 2006. Sites like Visual Novel Aer, The Eroge Bus, and (the now defunct) are all…